Dolores Ruth is a 3 time Derby winning Irish Greyhound Trainer at RazlDazl Kennels in Kildare, Ireland. Breeds, Races, Sells and Loves greyhounds.

“I was born into it,” Ruth explains. “My father had greyhounds and when I left school my father was sick at the time and I helped him out for a bit. I came to Kildare and set up on my own.

I came to Kildare through Ger Canty, the optician. He had a friend who wanted me to train a few dogs and that gave me the enticement to move to Kildare and move out of Dublin. I didn’t end up training for him and I went solo. It was daunting enough but every minute of every day was taken up with my dogs. I put my head down and got soaked up in the dogs.”

A pioneer in so many ways, 20 years later Ruth is still swimming against the tide.