Razldazl Butch

Kinloch Brae Razldazl Butch runs tomorrow night at Shelbourne Park…

…in Open 550 at 7.50pm.

Kinloch Brae has been bought by Michael Dunne, of Frightful Flash Kennels, to stand at stud in Ireland.  You can visit Frightful Flash Kennel’s website at http://www.ffksires.com/index.html   Kinloch Brae’s stud career is in great hands.  Michael Dunne has had the number one stud dog in Ireland in 1997-1999, and 2002-2008; a remarkable achievement!  Kinloch Brae, aka Scotty, has just finished his stay in quarantine in Ireland, and has now been moved to the Frightful Flash Kennels; to begin stud duties.  We wish Kinloch Brae all the best in his second career!  Read more