Razldazl Harry

Razldazl Amy ( Razldazl Billy ) in the Open bitch final in Clonmel on Sunday

Razldazl Amy ( Razldazl Billy ) in the Open bitch final in Clonmel on Sunday.

Progeny of Razldazl Billy.

Razldazl Billy

The dog, Razl Dazl Billy, trained by Dorothy Ruth at Punchersgrange, Rathangan, suffered a fatal heart attack last summer.

However stories began circulating among the greyhound racing and breeding fraternity in the Newbridge-Milltown-Rathangan area that the dog had been shot dead at Punchersgrange.

One colourful version suggested that the animal was shot by one of a group pretending to be interested in its stud services and that the dispute which led to the shooting originated in the kidnapping of a horse trainer more than twenty years ago.

“It is absolutely rubbish, a complete lie. If any such thing had happened the police would have been called. I have heard several stories and all of them are rubbish,” ,” Ms. Ruth told the Leader.

“It is not unknown for greyhounds, including well-bred greyhounds, to die because of heart conditions and often at a relatively young age. That is what happened to Billy and I’m sure if you looked into it you would find many more cases. I know of two other Derby winners who died because of heart failure.”

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