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Irish Government represented in London Gathering to save Wimbledon.

Irish Government represented in London Gathering to save Wimbledon.


Support for the Show Of Passion Gathering in London on Monday, February 17th and the latest news is that well known greyhound owner and Meath East TD Ray Butler will represent the Government.

It was confirmed yesterday that Ray will bring over letters from the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney and his Minister for State Tom Hayes to be presented to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

These letters will pinpoint the importance of a developed Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium to the industry in both the UK and Ireland.

Mayor Johnson has confirmed his support for the greyhound project and so joins the Wimbledon Residents in supporting the greyhound stadium project ahead of the Football proposal..

The greyhound people have been given permission to stage their gathering at the City Hall which is adjacent to the Tower of London but were requested to put it back to 2 pm and this has been agreed.


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